Case Studies

This page contains a series of case studies that highlight successful broader impact activities from the scientists’ perspective. Each case study includes an interview with the scientist involved on what they did, how they got involved, who they worked with, any challenges and benefits, what it cost, and how they measured the success.

River Basins, People Channels

Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink studies the relationship between rivers and society. As part of his research, he asks people throughout the world to help him collect data. In doing so, his research and broader impacts go hand in hand. Learn more about Bernhard and his experiences…

The ABCs of HABs

Barbara Kirkpatrick is interested in how Florida red tides impact people and how people impact Florida red tides. For her broader impact activities, she’s found a creative way to bring the science of harmful algal blooms to the people impacted by these microorganisms. Learn more about Barbara and her experiences…

Chemistry for the Masses

Ocean acidification is an important issue facing the world’s ocean. It is something that Chris Sabine studies and believes is important for society to understand. He feels the more people understand, the more likely that they’ll ask their congressperson for more research. Learn more about Chris and his experiences…

Getting to the Core of Ocean Science

Tracy Quan’s research focuses on the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary – about 65.5 million years ago. Although she studies deep time, which can be hard to understand, she has collaborated with professional educators to bring the past to the present. Learn more about Tracy and her experiences…

Polar Robots Go Public

Josh Kohut used gliders in the Ross Sea to help study the upwelling of warmer water from the mid-depths of the Southern Ocean. In fulfilling the broader impacts of his research, Josh learned the benefits of partnerships. He says that similar to scientific research, it is important to invite people with various expertise to be part of your broader impact team. Learn more about Josh and his experiences…

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