• 100_0648K-12 Lesson Plans:

    Sea Level Trends – This activity explores one facet of climate change — sea level change. Investigate and compare long-term changes in sea level from different coastal locations around the United States.

    Heat Capacity – Students use ocean observing system data to investigate the concept of heat capacity and find out why water acts as a thermal buffer and the practical applications this has.

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  • CustomerNumberCDSleeve10Ocean Gazing:

    Ocean Gazing is an audio series that focuses on how scientists and the public use real-time data gathered from ocean observatories in their professional and personal lives.  The goals of this series were to: 1) help ocean scientists communicate their stories in a clear and engaging manner; 2) provide the public with an entertaining, informative and reliable means of accessing the research laboratories and field sites of these scientists.

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1101_rosssea_gliderWhat is COSEE NOW?

COSEE NOW is an online network of scientists and educators focused on increasing ocean literacy and fostering collaborations.

COSEE NOW focuses on:

  • facilitating communications between educators and scientists,
  • developing new data products,
  • providing professional development services to improve communications and promote collaboration,
  • co-creating quality education and media products for use with the general public.

gliderlaunchCOSEE NOW for Scientists

COSEE NOW offers a range of opportunities and services for scientists:

Trainings in Communication, Teaching, Outreach, and Collaborations
•Assistance writing Broader Impacts statements
•Example case studies of past Broader Impact projects

joshandteachersCOSEE NOW for Educators

COSEE NOW offers a range of resources and opportunities for K-16 and informal educators:

Trainings in Ocean Science & Literacy
•Ocean related lesson plans/activities
•Ocean related media products


As one of the fourteen COSEE centers around the nation, COSEE NOW developed a range of model programs and made significant contributions to the ocean science education field:

•Summary of how different programs from COSEE NOW were developed, evolved, and utilized by the science and/or education communities.
•Explanation of significant contributions to the ocean science education field.
•Access to research, publications, and presentations that came out of the COSEE NOW program.