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COSIA Internships for 2011

Over the past several years, students at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University have been able to participate in Communicating Ocean Sciences for Informal Audiences (COSIA). This course provides students an opportunity to develop their communications and teaching skills, in tandem with their science education, allowing them to become more effective advocates for ocean literacy and marine science.

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LSC Earth Science Teacher Working Group

The following opportunity is being provided by COSEE NOW partner Liberty Science Center. We encourage teachers who are using Real-Time Data in their classrooms to check it out. Through a grant from NASA, the Liberty Science Center will be offering a Summer Institute for Earth Science teachers who have experience using real-time or near-real time […]

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Why do Oceanographers Study the Hudson River?

Ocean observatories are not just watching the ocean; they’re also being used to monitor the impact of humans in urban estuaries like the Hudson River. In this video, produced by Liberty Science Center, Drs. Scott Glenn and Oscar Schofield describe how observing technologies are being used to research what happens where the Hudson River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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