LSC Earth Science Teacher Working Group

The following opportunity is being provided by COSEE NOW partner Liberty Science Center. We encourage teachers who are using Real-Time Data in their classrooms to check it out.

Through a grant from NASA, the Liberty Science Center will be offering a Summer Institute for Earth Science teachers who have experience using real-time or near-real time (RTD) data in their instruction. Experienced teachers are teachers who have run at least one RTD lesson, lab, or activity with their students (and would do it againJ). Examples of RTD are air temperatures, cloud coverage, earthquake epicenter locations, sea-surface temperatures, energy from the sun, chlorophyll concentrations, etc.

We are currently convening a working a group of teachers with experience using RTD to help us design the summer institute. Teachers in the working group will help us establish how RTD are being used in the classroom and determine what support teachers need to more fully integrate RTD lessons in their instruction. Working group teachers will also have the opportunity to exchange classroom tested, RTD lessons with each other, earn 6 professional development hours, and explore the Liberty Science Center’s exhibitions on the day of the meeting. Teachers participating in the working group are guaranteed a space in the summer institute, but it is not necessary to commit to the summer institute to be part of the working group.

Participation in the working group is a one-day commitment, Saturday, March 5 or Saturday, March 19. Please see the workshop flyer for additional information.

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