Welcome! We’re working on development of a community website for the ocean sciences and we’d like you to be involved. We’ll be posting documents and updates on this site over the next several months and welcome your comments and participation in shaping design of the site.

The concept is to build a rich resource of information about ocean observing systems, along with ways of commenting and contributing. A core group of scientists and educators of all types is already committed to building the community of learners as we explore how to use ocean observing systems data and resources to improve ocean literacy. We look forward to contributions of other colleagues.


Ocean Observing Systems (OOS) are a new paradigm in ocean science research. While some systems are in the water, others are still artist illustrations of the vision for this scientific advancement in ocean exploration and data collection.

The OOS community is scattered, spotty, and difficult to locate. Ocean scientists do not have a thriving online social network to fill in the gaps. By building a collaborative community site with a rich and growing set of stories and information, we hope to support the development of a learning community that will explore how this paradigm shift in how we view the ocean through OOS will change hopefully for the better the public’s connection to and understanding of the ocean.

As we embark on this journey, we encourage you to review our evolving resources, attend our online training sessions, and get involved in a workgroup. We will talk more about this in our next post.

More soon,
Janice McDonnell

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