COSEE MA Teacher PD 2003-2007 Evaluation Report

Each summer from 2003 through 2007 COSEE Mid-Atlantic (now known as COSEE NOW and COSEE Coastal Trends) conducted teacher professional development (PD) workshops designed to train educators in the use of real data, mostly from coastal and ocean observing systems, in their teaching. We designed our PD format after a review of the research literature, then modified it based on teacher feedback.

This report documents our teacher professional development activities from 2003 to 2007, the model format we used and teachers’ reactions and responses (a few of which are below).

I really think that allowing the teachers to break into smaller groups at the end of each day to discuss what they’ve learned is something that I really think you should have in next year’s workshop. It was great today for us to be able to sit together in smaller groups and really talk about what we would use or what we would change. This workshop has been phenomenal!!
COSEE MA 2005 Teacher

Out of all of the workshops I have attended this was the only one that included a follow-up workshop. This is extremely helpful, especially in the beginning of the [school] year. It is so busy that we forget some of the things that we’ve done and it’s nice to be reminded in an informal, no-pressure atmosphere. It was also great to see everyone again.
COSEE MA 2006 Teacher

Meeting again has given us support to make sure that we start implementing RTD [real-time-data]—despite obstacles that we invariably encounter. Making a start is often the hardest part.
COSEE MA 2004 Teacher

Click to download COSEE MA Teacher PD Evaluation Report (pdf)

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