Using OOS with Standards

Very often I run into teachers that tell me that while they think ocean observing systems are cool and interesting, they cannot really utilize them because they don’t teach an oceanography course and must teach their core courses according to their state standards. But, with a little help from specialists like us at COSEE NOW, teachers forced to teach standards-based courses can definitely integrate these unique data and not only check off the standards boxes, but have their students get excited about what is occurring in our oceans.

For instance, I’m based in Virginia, so I’m most familiar with the Virginia Standards of Learning, or SOLs. The Bridge/COSEE NOW data activity, “Don’t Even Sink About It!” can be used to teach the following standards:

Kindergarten K.5 – Some materials float in water while others sink
Physical Science PS 2 and PS 5 – Basic nature of matter and Changes in matter
Earth Science ES 4 and ES 11 – Earth characteristics and Oceans as complex systems
Physics PH 4 and PH 7 – Physics applications and Properties of fluids

So all you teachers out there that teach state standards, don’t be shy! Jump into ocean observing systems with both feet and we know you’ll love it as much as we do!

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