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It sinks!

Don’t Even Sink About It!

Does a can of soda float? Does salt water really make that much difference? What’s a Plimsoll mark? Buoyancy can be a difficult concept for students. It’s all about density! With this hands-on introduction to teaching buoyancy from the Bridge website and COSEE-NOW, students work through activities and demonstrations that use online resources and ocean […]

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Conch Reef Expedition is online!

Greetings from Aquarius Land Base in Key Largo, FL! Please join Virginia Institute of Marine Science researcher Dr. Mark Patterson, graduate student Noelle Relles, Virginia Sea Grant Marine Education Specialist and COSEE-NOW team member Chris Petrone and student volunteer Sarina Patterson on a 5-day expedition to map the coral reefs around the one and only […]

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The Fetch AUV and its floating cradle

Catching the $250,000 "Fish"

Researching the ocean’s many mysteries is never easy, especially when you’re using the latest in robotic technology. This is why programs for teachers generally include a field component where oceanographers can demonstrate how they conduct their research and the challenges they face. But in this story from Virginia Institute of Marine Science, you’ll never guess […]

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Landlocked uses

We at Virginia Sea Grant are currently writing our strategic plan, which will guide our programming over the next 5 years. We have broken our plan into several pieces focusing on all sorts of marine-related topics, including Coastal & Ocean Literacy. As a part of our plan writing, we gathered a group of Virginia education […]

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Have a few hours? Check out Google Ocean

By now everyone has heard that Google recently released its latest and greatest version of Google Earth (version 5.0) complete with an abundance of ocean “stuff:” shipwreck information; video clips; you can even rate kite surfting spots. But what all the articles and news reports have neglected to tell us is that you can spend […]

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RTD vs. Archived data

We, Virginia Sea Grant, are currently in the process of revising our strategic plan. This new plan will guide our research, extension, communication and education initiatives over the next five years. During a “listening session” we held here at VIMS yesterday, I had a very interesting conversation with VIMS Physical Sciences professor, and VIMS’ Virginia […]

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Got Gadgets?

Greetings OOS educators! One [big] thing that drew me to ocean observing systems and keeps me interested are the gadgets! Gliders, ROVs, giant radar towers, satellites…observing systems have it all. I’m willing to bet that if you were to poll the world’s OOS scientists, of course they would say “the science” as their number one […]

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Greetings and salutations

Hey COSEE NOW subscribers! I am a Marine Education Specialist with Virginia Sea Grant and a COSEE NOW partner. One of my roles is to produce activities and ideas to help teachers integrate ocean observing and real-time data into their classrooms. Check out my profile for more info. I am looking forward to posting my […]

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