The Fall Season Starts NOW

After a busy and productive summer, COSEE NOW welcomes the fall with our brand new member newsletter and some exciting new online resources for educators (see below). Over the summer, we also hosted several professional development workshops connecting scientists with educators. Throughout the next year, we will foster those initial collaborations in our online workgroups.

In the coming weeks, the COSEE NOW team will develop a suite of workshops and webinars for scientists that will help researchers broaden their impact and improve ocean literacy. We will also assemble a series of webinars for educators focused on Ocean Observing Systems. Plus, we have several cool new resources in the works too!

This is an important time for the COSEE network. We, along with our sister centers around the country, are preparing for a National Science Foundation review of the entire COSEE program.

As we continue to work on sharing stories of our successes and the challenges in promoting understanding of our ocean, we encourage you to reflect and share your stories of how you have worked with COSEE NOW. Have you used one of our resources? Do you have one to contribute? Did we help you write a broader impact statement on your last NSF proposal?

Please let us know by sharing your story in the Comments & Feedback Forum.

Antarctica melting: A story in 4 Acts

By Carrie Ferraro

COSEE NOW is pleased to present: Antarctica melting, a 4-part audio slideshow series on the fastest winter warming place on Earth, as seen through the eyes of three scientists. The slideshows, and accompanying lesson plans, provide a first hand look into the role that global climate change has had in transforming the Antarctic environment.

Trouble in the GulfOil Spill Resources

By Carrie Ferraro

This series of PowerPoints and hands-on activities is designed for teachers to use in their classrooms to help discuss the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Each lesson can be adapted based on class level and the time available.

Helpdesk: Finding out what’s new

There are a number of easy ways to keep up-to-date with what’s new on the NOW site, including our resources, community blogs and workgroups.

  • The easiest way is to simply go to the Activity page, where you will see a list all the latest items across the entire site. You can use the pull-down menu at the top-right of the list to filter the results.
  • On the activity page, you can also use the tabs in the middle to show just the updates from your friends, or those from the groups you are a member of.
  • If you use an RSS feed reader, you can subscribe to the fullNOW Activity Feed.
  • The Forums section is an easy way to see where the latest discussions are happening.
  • Finally, if email is more your style, when you join aworkgroup, you can choose to receive email alerts of all new group activity.

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Featured Workgroup: Broader Impacts

Join the discussion of effective broader impact practices with scientists and the educators who work with them.

Featured Blog: MARE

Follow along as classroom educators Susan, Mike and others share their ocean science education experiences from the MARE program.


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