Ocean Acidification

As the amount of Carbon Dioxide continues to build up in the atmosphere it is also changing the chemistry of the ocean. Ocean surveys and modeling studies have revealed that the pH of the ocean is decreasing (which means the ocean is becoming more acidic) due to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide. This changing oceanic environment will have severe implications for life in the ocean.

COSEE NOW is pleased to present A plague in air and sea: Neutralizing the acid of progress a new audio slideshow that features Debora Inglesias-Rodriguez.

In this scientist profile, Dr. Inglesias-Rodriguez, a Biological Oceanographer at the University of Southampton National Oceanography Centre, shares her story of how she grew up loving the ocean and became interested in science. She also explains how witnessing the effects of climate change has lead her to research how organisms like Sea Urchins are being affected by ocean acidification.

Download A plague in air and sea: Neutralizing the acid of progress

A compendium lesson plan on Ocean Acidification (pdf 1.3 MB) is also available for educators interesting in leading their students through an investigation of the effects of carbon dioxide in seawater and discussing the potential effects of a changing environment on marine organisms.

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  1. Pamela Ernstberger February 19, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    Gracias! Very good documentation and accompanying materials.

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