Nature of Science Lesson

What is science? This can be a difficult question to answer. Science is often taught from a historical perspective to understand what scientists have learned and discovered. Laboratories often focus on skills development and lose sight of big picture of how science works.

This lesson will help introduce students to a variety of essential skills needed to be a good scientist. Students visit four stations that each demonstrate skills such as observation, discovery, data analysis, and communication. The point is to get students thinking about the process of science and not the typical linear scientific method often highlighted in textbooks. Educators at COSEE NOW recently used this lesson at the 2012 4-H Summer Science camp. The lesson was a success! Our students were interactive and linked the discussion back to their task of making a scientific poster on their favorite science at the camp. The lesson uses activities from the COSEE CA Communicating Ocean Science for Informal Audiences (COSIA) class as well as some new material created by Kyle Richter, COSEE NOW educator and intern.

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