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The Carbon Cycle Game

This kinetic game has students take a trip through some of the reservoirs in the carbon cycle helps them experience sources and sinks, fluxes, and residence time. This provides an experience for putting basic scientific concepts like photosynthesis and respiration in the context of larger biogeochemical cycles and framing conservation of matter. Understanding the carbon […]

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Bleached brain coral (Credit: NOAA)

Coral Bleaching: A White Hot Problem

Some of the planet’s most beautiful and diverse ecosystems are at risk. With temperatures on the rise, coral reefs are at greater risk for coral bleaching. Using ocean observing system data from NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center, this classroom activity examines ocean temperatures off Puerto Rico to see how coral reefs are being impacted and […]

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It sinks!

Don’t Even Sink About It!

Does a can of soda float? Does salt water really make that much difference? What’s a Plimsoll mark? Buoyancy can be a difficult concept for students. It’s all about density! With this hands-on introduction to teaching buoyancy from the Bridge website and COSEE-NOW, students work through activities and demonstrations that use online resources and ocean […]

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(photo courtesy of Chris Simoniello)

Knowing when to Evacuate: One Woman’s Push Towards an Ocean-literate Nation

Knowing when to evacuate from an oncoming hurricane can seem like a daunting decision – even for someone immersed in ocean education. Chris Simoniello shares with us how one educator reacted to the oncoming threat of Hurricane Katrina to her coastal community, and how in the aftermath she gained a new motivation to help educate […]

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