A Plankton Life

Plankton live in the ocean, moving freely,
Although most are too small for you and I to see.
They drift back and forth and up and down,
Migrating to and fro, looking for chow.

Meroplankton will grow up eventually,
While holoplankton stay drifters of the sea.
Doctors will study them and find their benefit,
We might be eating them once we destroy it.

Copepods are crustaceans with limbs and antenna,
We found them right here, off the coast of Louisiana.
While they may seem little and insignificant,
These plankton form the base of a food chain and phenomenal event,

Without them the mighty blue whale couldn’t survive,
It would starve to death and have no way to thrive.
Its baleen would be empty after sieving the water
For these little critters who make the Earth prosper.

And finally are you and me, breathing oxygen from the air,
Without these guys there would be no atmosphere.
We take for granted our ability to breathe,
Which comes from these little creatures inhabiting the sea.

Dedicated to Migrateurrice and Paul Roussell
By Wessal Kenaio

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