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The last line has been cast…

The last day has arrived.  At the beginning of this cruise, we were looking at the calendar thinking what a long spans of time this would amount to.  We were open to such an array of possibilities, so many new people to learn from and work with, the experience as a whole seemed overwhelming.  Now, […]

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A Day in the Life of…

We have received many questions regarding :”What is it like being out on a research vessel for 21 days?!”  Well, we have made a little photo montage of all the extras that go on around the science  on board.  We hope you like it! ***Gallery coming soon***

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A Plankton Life

Plankton live in the ocean, moving freely, Although most are too small for you and I to see. They drift back and forth and up and down, Migrating to and fro, looking for chow. Meroplankton will grow up eventually, While holoplankton stay drifters of the sea. Doctors will study them and find their benefit, We […]

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Prospecting off the deep end

The definition of “prospecting” is to search for mineral or metal deposits, or oil.  While we are not on a hunt for substances to give us all an early retirement, we are in fact on the search for Iron and Sulfide-rich sediments, as well as trace-metals such as Germanium, found both in hypoxic conditions and […]

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