Patrick Quigley

Patrick Quigley is the Boat Swain (Bosun) here on board the R/V Endeavor. His primary role is to supervise all on-deck operations. His goal is to ensure the safety and smooth running of events that happen on board the Endeavor (events can include things like docking or deploying a piece of scientific equipment).

Patrick hails from South Kingston, RI where he was born and still resides. Unlike most of the other crew on board, Patrick wasn’t always around boats and familiar with their operations. At the age of 18 Pat went down to the docks near his hometown and asked a captain of a lobster boat for a job. He was hired and after a year on the boat he went away to college. Pat eventually made it back to lobster fishing and spent 8 additional years on a lobster boat. Ultimately he started on the Endeavor in 2002 and has been here ever since. He says the best part about his job is getting to see tons of amazing places such as Crete, France, Istanbul, and most beautifully the Faroe Islands. When asked about the hardest part of being away at sea, without hesitation he said it’s being away from his beautiful wife Paula and 4 year old son Abraham. Pat says the best advice he can give to anyone interested in travelling or pursuing a life at sea: “Just go for it. Don’t wait around, you’ll regret it later.”

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