Dan Jensen

Dan Jensen has worked on boats off and on for his entire life. His job on board the R/V Endeavor is Engineer. A Ship Engineer is someone who is responsible for all of the ship’s systems. Some of the systems that a ship has are to control things like water quality, food systems (refrigeration, appliances, etc), fuel, electrical (generator), and locomotive (engines). According to Dan all of these systems are intricate and have to be maintained and operated around the clock. He gives credit to the Chief Engineer, Tom Dornhofer, for knowing about all of these systems in so much detail. He says that you really have to know how to fix all types of things to be able to work as a Ship Engineer. He has worked as a Ship Engineer for 3 years now. Before that he worked for a tugboat service and also worked on a law enforcement boat in the coast guard.

Dan completed a BS in Environmental Science. He has a true passion for the outdoors and especially loves hunting and fishing. Dan mentioned that although he loves being aboard the Endeavor, he’s afraid there won’t be many fish around since we’re searching for hypoxic areas. He’s already had some luck though, on our second day he managed to catch a 30-pound jack.

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