What’s love got to do with it?

Work started early today for Cris and Jim deploying a CTD at 07:00.  After breakfast the crew joined together to deploy the Lander for its fourth stay in the water. After the Lander was successfully launched, Dr. Maiti and Dr. Severmann deployed their in-situ pumps and let them run for a couple of hours at three different depths before returning them to the surface.

Lunch time brought clam chowder and buffalo sandwiches. Afterwards the whole team got to work again deploying the multi-core for its 10th mission. Since we’ve been out to sea (6 days now), our team of scientists and crew have worked hard to recover over 40 core samples from the bottom of the sea! At that rate our team of scientists will leave for home with over 120 core samples to analyze and turn into data.

After lunch Cris, Dr. McManus, and I sieved some sediment from an unusable core sample to see what we could find. Aside from some crushed shells it was pretty much mud. Although we didn’t find anything exceptionally exciting in the sediment it was nice to discover that for ourselves. We’ll definitely keep looking as our sample depths and locations change.

After dinner there was a flawless recovery of the Lander. Thanks to an attentive crew and flat seas the Lander recovery was quick and smooth. There was no shortage of dolphins playing just off our starboard side during the recovery. Once the Lander was brought up Dr. Berelson and Nick quickly got to work collecting their samples while the bridge pushed the Endeavor into gear as we started heading south to our next (5th) station.

The morning will bring another round of sampling and another day of science. Keep reading to see what exciting new things happen in the days to come. So what’s love got to do with it? Nothing but it was a catchy title and got you reading! Thanks for following!


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