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Into the Dead Zone we go

Before heading to bed last night, we were treated to seeing the first results of the In-Situ pump discs.  As you can see on the photo to the left, there was quite a bit of content in the water column at our first station on the trip.  The next step for Dr. Silke Severmann is […]

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Hypoxic Alert!

Today the latest research findings from NOAA were published regarding the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.  Follow the link below to see the sampling sights and oxygen levels identified in the most current location of the plume off the coast of Louisiana.  You can always check in with this site for updates and […]

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Adieu to Dry Land

The true reality of this commitment sank in as the gangplank was raised this morning: we are aboard this ship for 22 days, there will be no last minute trips to the store any more!  As soon as we were away from the dock, and safely escorted out of the Gulfport, MS harbor by their […]

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

We have arrived!  From all corners of the map, scientists, teachers, engineers, and crew have spent the past few days traveling to and loading the R/V Endeavor.  Everything must be brought aboard, unpacked, and safely stowed before we cast off at noon on Saturday.  We spent the day unloading food and dry goods from the […]

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Something FerrOCious is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico…

Please join in on following us on an expedition into the hypoxic zone and beyond. The scientists and teachers aboard the R/V Endeavor will be posting current findings and answering questions on our FerOCious Gulf Cruise blog (spoiler alert: there will be chemistry involved!), which is setting sail Saturday, July 30th out of Gulfport, MS […]

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