Jennifer Long


Full Name

Jennifer Long


Science Teacher


Classroom Teacher (K-12)


Wildwood Catholic High School/Rowan University

Affiliation Type

High School


Wildwood, NJ/ Glassboro, NJ

Professional Bio

Hi everyone!
I have a BS and MS in Geo-Environmental Studies with a focus in Earth/Space science. I am certified in Earth/Space Science, Environmental k-12 and General Science. I am a huge supporter of outdoor education and hands on learning. I have had the opportunity to teach all ages in different environments including forests, wetlands and beaches. I am currently teaching a college level class for 11th and 12th graders at Wildwood Catholic High School through Kean University and also working as a geography/environmental adjunct with Rowan University.

Personal Interests

My Research Interests

Research interests lately have been on topics including the preservation and conservation of wetlands and coastal environments, along with sustainability.

My Teaching Interests

My teaching interest are always heavily focused on teaching science through the use of outdoor education and hands-on learning. I have a strong environmental background and am always looking for ways to bring students of all ages into new environments to learn, such as: beaches, wetlands, forests, rivers/streams, ponds. You must be able to touch, see, smell, taste, hear nature in order to gain a better understanding of the world around us!….Get out there people! Go forth and lick some rocks!

Current Projects

I am currently creating a science lab room for Wildwood Catholic HS where students will have the capability to learn science through hands-on experiences in the classroom. I have set up salt and fresh water aquariums and terrariums for students to learn not only about the science behind the animals and their habitat, but also aquarium set-up and maintenance. The next plan is to get a 200 gallon tank set-up and running, along with a 75 gallon live coral tank.
Continued efforts are being made to strengthen and run the Environmental and Surf clubs. Many activities and community service projects for both are being planned and will take place through the spring, summer and fall of 2013.

Recent Publications

Define recent…. I have published an article in the PSTA Exchange science journal relating to the use of outdoor education with teachers and students in 2007.

My Hobbies

I love surfing and all the science that is behind it….surfing is my meditation. I like being outdoors and doing all the things that go along with it. I grew up skiing, kayaking, playing softball and piano, and doing a lot of artsie things with my mom who was my art teacher in elementary school 🙂 And I like a good book when I have the time.

I am interested in collaborating on...

Anything that has to do with running aquariums in the classroom and environmental/sustainabiltiy activities.

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