Janice McDonnell


Full Name

Janice McDonnell


4-H Science Engineering & Technology (SET) Agent, Department of 4-H Youth Development


College Educator/Faculty


Rutgers University

Affiliation Type



New Brunswick, NJ

Professional Bio

My passion is to help ocean and environmental scientists bring their research findings to broader audiences that extend beyond the walls of the university. One of my main objectives is to identify effective education practices and programs that link scientists and educators both formal and informal in mutually productive partnerships. I do this in two ways — by acting as a facilitator building institutional connections to informal learning institutions including aquariums zoos and science centers and by acting as a developer and implementer of high quality ocean science education programs and products. I work collaboratively to design professional development programs for K-12 and informal educators as well as develop educative curricular materials.

Personal Interests

My Research Interests

– Usability of real-time data for non scientist audiences
– How people learn
– Effective instructional design teaching strategies and assessment

My Teaching Interests

– Using real-time data to teach ocean literacy concepts
– Communicating ocean science for formal and Iinformal audiences

My Hobbies

– Art History
– Reading
– Gardening
– Hiking

I am interested in collaborating on...

Science programming for youth and developing new ways to discuss science in everyday living.

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