Gears Scientists Projects

gears logoAfter attending the Gears Professional Development Workshop Series, participants had the opportunity to apply the information that they acquired during the workshop and to work with education and outreach professionals on outreach/broader impact plans and products related to their science. Below are some examples of the projects that have been produced by these early career attendees.


The Secret Lives of Sharks by Camrin Braun

Antarctica: The Story of an Oceanographer by Filipa Carvalho

The Biological Pump by Colleen Durkin

S.O.S Trouble at Sea by Rachel Shelley


Stories & Blog Posts

Why is it so hard to make my shell? by Ileana Freytes-Ortiz

A Tale of an Experiment Gone Wrong, Perseverance, and Novel Discovery by Bethanie Edwards

Tony the  T‐Cell by Gabrielle Lehrer-­‐Brey

Ship happens! Fieldwork and friendship on the high seas by Nicole Pereira

Arctic Spring by Ben Harden

You are what (and even where) you eat by Nicole Misarti


Concept Maps & Reflections on Using Concept Mapping

Internal Waves by Maha Haji

The Use of Concept Mapping in a Global Climate Change Course by Matthew Brown

The Biological Pump by Colleen Durkin


Curriculum & Lesson Development

Exposing A Diverse Audience to Career Possibilities in Ocean Science by J.P. Balmonte

CSI for Coral Reefs: live web-broadcasts for high school students by Danielle Claar

Oceanography Careers by Genevieve Bret (w/Associated Reflection)

Who Is a Scientist? by Adrienne George

ENVS3003 Ocean Science Course by Karen Chen (w/ Key Concepts Covered)


Broader Impact Statements Using the Broader Impact Wizard

“Interaction of ocean waves and currents with muddy coasts” by Ilgar Safak

Broader Impacts plan for interdisciplinary monsoon project in Bangladesh by Matthew Reeve



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