2016 Shore Bowl

Date: Saturday, NOSBShorebowllogoFebruary 6, 2016

Time: 7am – 6pm

Location: Cook Campus Center, Rutgers University

What Is Shore Bowl?

The Shore Bowl is a regional academic competition  for high school students in NJ, NY, and PA that focuses on ocean-related topics.  These topics include the biology, chemistry, physics and geology of the ocean, as well as navigation, geography, and related history and literature.  The Shore Bowl will be one of 25 regional competitions hosted around the country. The winners of each regional competition will travel to Morehead City, North Carolina to compete in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.  Prizes will be awarded to the top teams at both the regional and national levels.

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For more information about the National Ocean Science bowl program, watch the “About the NOSB” video or check out the NOSB website.

Who Can Participate in Shore Bowl?

Eligibility Rubles

  1. Each competing team consists of a coach (see the Coaching Policy section for more details), at least four student members, and in addition may include one student alternate (a team of three is not eligible to compete).
  2. To be eligible to compete, a student must be enrolled for the current school year in grades nine, ten, eleven, or twelve at the team’s school or be participating through a student support organization (private, parochial, and home schools are eligible).

For additional information on eligibility, check out the National Ocean Sciences Bowl website.

Why Participate In An Ocean Sciences Bowl?

Aside from generating fun and camaraderie, the competition is intended to:

  1. Broaden the awareness and understanding of high school students, teachers, and parents on the latest marine and oceanographic science,
  2. Create an ideal opportunity to expose teachers to the value and excitement of using the oceans as a tool for both disciplinary and cross-disciplinary science education, and
  3. Provide an opportunity for students to interact with volunteers that work in a variety of marine science settings and positions highlighting career possibilities in the marine sciences

Still not convinced, check out this video produced by the National Ocean Sciences Bowl Office.

How Does Shore Bowl Work:

Teams of five students (four plus one alternate) compete in timed matches that include:

  1. Multiple choice and short answer buzzer questions and
  2. Written team challenge questions.

Competitions consist preliminary of round-robin matches, followed by a series of single-elimination matches for the top teams.

The winner of the Shore Bowl earns the right to compete in the national competition in North Carolina.

Where Can I Get Additional Information?

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl website contains information on the competition, including the competition and eligibility rules, tips for forming a successful team, sample competition questions, and study resources.

If you have more specific questions, please feel free to contact Carrie Ferraro at ferraro@marine.rutgers.edu.

How do I register?

To register, go to the Shore Bowl 2016 registration site. The deadline to register is November 15, 2015.

*** Don’t forget to share this link or the event flyer with anyone that you think might be interested in participating!

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