Food Web Game

In biology, we played the food web game. Basically you choose to be one of four animals. Each animal needs a certain amount of food to survive. This is an important experiment because it is a fun way for students to understand what’s really going on in that environment.

There are two types of food to choose from; salps and krill. You roll a dye to see who goes first, then from there, you go clockwise. In each level (there are 3 levels) the amount of food declines. I found this demonstration to be extremely enlightening; it showed how different species would either have to move to a different food source, or they would die for lack of nutrients. It was a really eye-opening experience.

Doing this experiment really helped my class better understand the decline of food, and why it’s so important. I really recommend this experiment to anyone who has a tough time understanding this topic. I don’t think I personally need to repeat the experiment, as I did understand the purpose.


Chevelle B.

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