Brine Shrimp

We did an experiment on how brine shrimp would grow at different temperatures and different ph or acidity levels. And this is an important experiment on a small scale of the effects on the krill, which are vital food sources for many of the animals in the ocean.

We counted out 30 brine shrimp eggs then placed them in 1 of 3 different solutions. One jar contained hot water and vinegar, another contained cold water and vinegar and the last had tap water. We tested the growth of the shrimp, the ph of the water, and the temperature of the water every day before we started class. We stored the jars under a heat lamp. The acidity of the water has a great effect on the brine shrimp and their growth although the temperature has almost no effect on them; the brine shrimp in the more acidic solution grew slower and the ones in the less acidic water grew faster.

We tested the growth of the brine shrimp in different environments. We could have furthered our experiment by placing them in non-acidic water then start to make the water more and more acidic every day and see how the change affects them. Lexi G.

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