Food Web Game

In my biology class we played a game where each person picked one of four animals and choose whether to eat salps or eat krill. The animals that we available to choose were a penguin, bird, whale, fish. This game is pretty fun because it relates to what really happens in real life.

This game represents how animals compete for survival. The bird is probably the best animal to be because it can either eat salps or krill. So id\f you’re the bird you can decide who lives and who dies. We learned that there is not enough food for every animal if the sea ice keeps melting. The krill live under/in the sea ice and the krill disappear when the ice disappears

I enjoyed playing this Food Web game because to me it was educational and fun. Hopefully we will do another game like this in the future. My classmates and I really enjoyed this game and learned competition between animals. Dalton R.

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