Shell pH

We did and experiment on how the acidity or ph affected the shells in the ocean and this is important because there are animals in the ocean that need their shells to survive and some of the other aquatic depend on the shellfish for a vital food source

We tested the strength of the shells with our biology books then placed the shells into 3 different solutions of Vinegar, Salt water, and tap water. The shells in the vinegar solution dissolved the clam shells completely because of the high acidity level of the vinegar but the scallop shells stayed completely intact

The ph or acidity level has a great effect on the shells. For a further experiment we could have added a bit of vinegar to the salt water to see if a low amount of acidity would dissolve the shells over a long period of time. That would prove that even a slight acidic level change in the water could affect the shells in a negative way. Lexi G.

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