Brine Shrimp Experiment

We did another experiment in my biology class with brine shrimp. This experiment was really time consuming it took a week to complete. I learned what brine shrimp were, they are really tiny creatures.

This experiment was really long and frustrating at sometimes. It was difficult to count and measure the brine shrimp because they were so tiny and they moved. We put approximately put 30 brine shrimp in three different solutions (tap water, water vinegar mix hot/cold) and measured their growth. I monitored the tap water subject while other members of my group monitored the rest. We left them under a heat lamp after we got done measuring their numbers and growth.

I learned a lot from this experiment such as what brine shrimp are, and how they grow. I enjoyed this experiment because it was fun to see the little shrimp swim around. I think I’ll check out a book about brine shrimp. Dalton R.

One Response to Brine Shrimp Experiment

  1. Matt Krehbiel March 3, 2014 at 2:37 pm #

    What did you find out in your experiment? Is this the one that you will be presenting at the research symposium?

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