Brine Shrimp

The brine shrimp experiment was showing how brine shrimp grew in different pH levels. We used three different types of solution which are regular tap water, warm water, and vinegar was the last type.  There were four of us in our group and we had ninety brine shrimp egg.

In this experiment we were trying to see what solution brine shrimp grew the best in. We found out that the more acidic the solution would kill off some of the brine shrimp. The regular water and the warm water were pretty close but the regular water grew a little more than the warm water. Overall the acidic and the warm water grew less brine shrimp than regular water. We think that they would grow better in cold water more than anything.

The brine shrimp experiment was good because it showed where brine shrimp grew the best. We were thinking that they wouldn’t grow good in the acidic solution. But we didn’t know whether or  not the warm water would grow good or not. Kenny F.

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