Brine Shrimp

The past few weeks in biology, we have been doing a lab over the growth rate of brine shrimp. I wasn’t a really big fan of this experiment. I found it rather difficult to follow.

In this experiment, we put approx. 30 shrimp in 3 different types of water. We were supposed to test the pH level and count the brine shrimp. I think our information is most likely inaccurate, because we really couldn’t tell how many shrimp there where. The experiment itself wasn’t necessarily flawed; I believe it was just our lack of knowledge over the subject. I think if we went over it more, we would have gotten better results.

I would like to continue this project, that way we would have the accurate results that are needed. I know that it would have been more fun, had we understood the project. I would recommend to anyone that is going to do this experiment, to do additional research.


Chevelle B.

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