Brine Shrimp

The Brine Shrimp experiment was done to see if we could grow the shrimp in either, water, vinegar, or warm water and vinegar.  Some groups had success with this though some did not. The brine shrimp would either grow or die and most of the shrimp died.  The different bottles of brine shrimp would all have different outcome.

We first had to count about thirty some shrimp we placed them in a jar and checked the temperature and pH, and the amount of shrimp that had grown.  Some shrimp seemed to hatch sooner than the others, while others hatched later or not at all.  We labeled the bottles A, B, and C. A Contained water, B contained vinegar and C contained warm water and vinegar.  Because the bottles were clear and the shrimp were small and hard to see we had to use black paper and stuck it behind the bottle in order to be able to see it. We tried to keep the pH at seven before we did the experiment. 

                The different bottles of A, B, and C all had a different effect on the outcome of the experiment.  I think that the bottle that contained the water probably grew the most brine shrimp.  The container containing vinegar and the container with warm water and vinegar I don’t think they grew little if at all.  Rebekah R.


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