brine shrimp

The brine shrimp that we grew in the class room were supposed to represent the krill in the ocean. We found that the shrimp died every day and that it was very hard to keep them alive because there was so many of them. It is important to know how the population of krill in the ocean rises and falls in the years that pass it is relevant for the scientists to know so that they can study what happens to the animals that feed on these little shrimp.

The experiment that we had conducted was not entirely easy to do in the small; amount of space and the lack of heat needed for the brine shrimp to grow properly. We found that at least one or two of the small shrimp died each day and that they were not being fed any food so that probably did not help either. We also found that without the proper care and food that the brine shrimp did not live in a controlled enough environments for them to survive.  The brine shrimp had changed in size but their size did not drastically change like the whole class had hoped.  The whole class had hoped that none of the shrimp would die over the course of this experiment.


To further explore how this experiment works just buy your own brine shrimp and use vinegar and water and three bottles and conduct your own experiment.  But be careful on what you use as containers to hold the brine shrimp because certain containers can cause them to die faster.  This experiment is very time consuming so be sure to have plenty of time to do it.  Eric M.

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