Brine Shrimp

This experiment was to see how well brine shrimp grew in different water. This experiment lasted around two weeks. There was four of us in one group and we had ninety brine shrimp eggs.

There was three bottles and each was labeled A-C. Bottle A was filled with regular tap water, bottle B was filled with vinegar water, and bottle C was filled with hot vinegar water. After they were filled up thirty eggs were put in each bottle. After that they were put under a heat lamp and data was recorded every day.

The shrimp grew better in the regular tap water because the acidic level was low. The reason we did this experiment was to show how shrimp have a hard time growing in acidic water. That is what is happening to the ocean and if we don’t do something our oceans won’t be able to grow any life. Cody P.

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