Food Web Game

The food web game was a game to help us understand the struggles that the animals go through and how humans can either make it harder or easer. This game gets the players attention and teaches them how food sources means a lot in Antarctica. If an animal doesn’t have enough food they have to move or die.
In this experiment we got into groups of five and picked animals we wanted to be. There was a bird, penguin, whale, seal, and a fish. Each animal took so much krill and when an animal didn’t have enough food they had to move away. Each round the amount of krill got smaller and more animals moved away. The reason the krill moved was that the ice melted and the krill moved to find more ice.
The main idea of this experiment was to show students what happens when there is not enough food to go around. It may influence someone to want to help the animals and their habitats. This is a good game to learn about food sources and how much it impacts animals and their environment. Cody P.

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