Brine Shrimp Experiment

We did an experiment in biology to see under what conditions brine shrimp are able to thrive and grow.  We had three different solutions that we put the brine shrimp in. We put a specific amount in each container. This experiment is important because we know that the krill in the Antarctic are decreasing in population due to a decrease in sea ice caused by rising pH levels. This decrease in krill has caused a decrease in Adele penguins. This has become a major concern for scientists so they have decided to conduct experiments to more understand what is taking place.

With our experiment we had three different solutions, tap water, vinegar and water and vinegar and hot water. We learned that the shrimp grew best in the regular water. Every day we took count of the shrimp, we took pH levels and temperature.  The three bottles were kept under a heat lamp the entire time. The temperature in the three bottles changed by about 5 degrees every time but the pH levels did not change. The shrimp in the vinegar water died in the end.

The main idea of this experiment is to see how the shrimp react to the different environments. I believe the experiment gave us some insight into how the krill react to the rising pH levels in the Antarctic because not only are the pH levels rising but so are the water temperatures. Alexa C.

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