Brine Shrimp

The Brine shrimp were part of an experiment that we had to do in biology class. We were forced to do for this to test the Ph and the temperature of the water. I do not think that the shrimp did not get enough light to develop.

Most groups seen results with their shrimp but we did not.  Our group had too many shrimp in one jar so none of them grew or even had a chance to grow so they all died I think without that many brine shrimp in one jar they would have grew more than they did with the overpopulated area in the small jar. It probably did not help that every day they would get barley any light because everyone else would move our jar away from the light so that did not help either.


I think that the shrimp died in our experiment because we probably over populated the jar with too many shrimp there were supposed to be 15 per jar we had close to 35-40 shrimp per jar so they were slightly over populated.  The other problem I though was they were not getting enough light to grow and the water was not warm enough for them to grow. Nick W.

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