Shells and pH Experiment

This was the experiment we did in Biology with the sea shells and the pH of the water they were in. We soaked different shells and scallops in waters with different pH. This was to resemble the effect of pH on ocean creatures.

We soaked one shell and scallop in calcium water (ocean water), another set in vinegar water, and the other set in regular tap water. One of the shells disappeared. I’m guessing it dissolved in the vinegar water. We tested the shell and scallop strength by stacking books on top of them. It took a lot of books to break the shell and scallop in the calcium water.

The main idea was to represent that regular ocean water without any acidity is healthy for shells and scallops. The more acidic the water is, the less healthy it is for them. To further explore the topic, I would use different levels of acidity and actual ocean water. Allie T.

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